Today, I heard a very inspiring and true sermon. Of course you can hear that sermon in a couple of days. The sermon title is,  “Thermostats and Thermometers”  by Dr. Jeff Dunn at Christ United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. Their website is http://www.christislove.org and I happened to catch the sermon live, but you will have to catch it from the archives on their site.
     My comment is that we are all ‘thermostats and thermometers’, regardless of what or how we perceive ourselves or what others opinions or judgements.  If we live long enough we will miscalculate, misjudge and err. Regardless of  His will or our own! I think it is imperative that deeply we all know what the thermometer should read, but remain in total denial of whose will prevail!  Alas admitting that we actually have no control over His will and knowing He knows your choices prior to your own choice, He will correct your err and guide you back to His will! In His own time you change and your scales from your own eyes are removed as He feels you can bear. Change may be overnight or over decades. He will change your environment, erase your memories, alter them or bring different lives to your remembrance.
     The key is not to panic and go with His flow, while He corrects your environment. Not to worry because if you make a mistake, He will fix it again. Knowing Him daily will correct your life no matter how severely you self-destruct!  Have faith and wait Him out He will prevail and you will be happy in all circumstances. Wait it out!  He will put your life just the way He wants. Your environment will be exactly what you need. It won’t seem that way at first. Just relax and MOVE ON!

With Love, Godspeed. Miss Rose.


Can You Have A Miracle?


     Miracle is an Act of God, an amazing event and a marvelous example transcending human powers. A wonder, a phenomenon, a marvel, a sensation and a vision is what the regular dictionaries call a miracle. Everybody needs one or more. Everybody wants one or more. I know I do. I know everyone I know needs one or more and wants one. I know that miracles never cease and there is only one way to a miracle and one person who can grant a miracle. And His wonders are yet to be seen in their entire fulfillment from God. There is one act that can bring on miracles, one environment. A miracle atmosphere cannot be feigned, cannot be man tooled. Miracles are from the compassion of the God who is just and fair. He blesses those He chooses and there is always purpose to His purpose. He knows the true believers heart and your love cannot be feigned. Believers know this fact and are rarely out of season for a true miracle. What you believe is what you have and what you say with your own words is what you will have.

     So bless us all and keep even your thinking positive. Try it for one day if you are not a believer. Try not speaking or listening to one negative thing. Close your ears to any and all deprecating or derogatory remarks regardless of trueness or not. You really do have what you say good or not. Then attempt to make it a lifestyle. That is where our heads really are and that is His lifestyle for us all.

     I have personally seen miracles. I wish I could just speak and miracles would happen every time. In my world the Lord Jesus Christ has compassion on whatever situation He shows compassion. My personal mission is to stay in a position to get my requests to Him. And sometimes at the requests of others I will include them. No I am not selfish or selfless in that area. I don’t want to do anything to cause me to have any space between Him and me. No sacrifice is too great to meet Him. I love Him. He loves me. That does not mean stop living. It does mean there is no room for me to extend my lifestyle beyond any boundaries He has for me. I don’t know what the boundaries are or are not for anyone else out there.

      Neither do I have any judgment or opinion relevant to the decisions of others. I know what His Word is on a variety of matters and can never know them all. Because I know from what I’ve read that He did not let it all be written. So even if I could memorize every book of His book I would not attain it all. I know He works with anyone who chooses to love Him. He will even go so far as to give miracles to those who don’t know Him so He may get their attention. Some do and some never do seek Him, they just take their miracle and Him for granted or give credit to someone or something else.

     Like my profiles say I am a retired medical professional and I can attest to the fact that I personally have been present personally for many miracles as a believer, as an unbeliever and as a scoffer, as an atheist, as an agnostic and skeptic.  No one can put doubt in my mind or heart I cannot be moved I cannot be discouraged and I will eventually die for my faith if I must. I have received the riches in life and I have lost them, I have given them away and transferred them to others. I am not moved by anyone’s anything whether you have much or nothing. My compassion is not relevant; whatever resources I may have had were not my own they were His. Therefore I have no regrets where I am or am not in this life, others are alive and well for any sacrifice I may or may not have made.

     His sacrifice made is all that really mattered. Maybe I have entertained angels and maybe not. But I have met Him and I hope you will meet Him soon while He may be met. There is a time limit and that time is at the end of time. Can any of you tell me what year that is, if you say yes then you are a liar and the truth is not in you. If He wanted us to know our end He would tell each one. An occasionally He does.

     Your end does not come when you meet Him. That is your beginning. That is when you finally realize what love really is. At that time you will discover His intimate secrets and knowledge for you in your life. Until then you will think Him and His whole book is a myth or legend. I say try Him. Ask Him Seek Him.

     Believe Him. And He will let you see miracles. I don’t know you but I know I love you and so does He. When you believe Him then you can see until then you cannot see, and hearing is a whole “nother” matter. Because even the disabled can see His purpose and hear Him and believe without a physical healing experience.  

     Of course if you have the pride of this world you don’t need a miracle your life is perfect and everything you have you attained on your own. And you are a strong person and may or may not feel like you are fulfilled. As a person who doesn’t need a miracle you have whatever you need provided by the fruits of your own labor and power. You decide what and what does not make you happy regardless of how your happiness or not may or may not make others lives better or not. As long as you have those feelings of satiation that comes from an inner desire to help make yourself or others happy or unhappy. That elevation of self power that I made something happen then you may not be His. His believers will tell you in an instant that they did not do anything. Most will never mention there very presence and rarely explain unless He tells them to share for a specific purpose His purpose.

     Just remember ask, request, seek Him and persevere you will see miracles. Many Miracles. Please feel free to comment and send questions if you like. All emails are monitored and deprecating unnecessary for discussion or learning will be spam. Lets all use our words like in a well mannered format and differing viewpoints are welcome. I would like to hear some of your experiences after you ask Him to reveal Himself to you? Anonymous or not I would like to share them on the internet so please mark confidential or Okay to share.[1]

[1] Thesaurus and Encarta Dictionary.  Personal aside : There are only a few ways to use language.

Jeff Markin: Back from the Dead, Reborn Into the Light

Answering The Call…

            While riding to Wally World today and pondering the Three Word Wednesday Prompt, Deliberate, Intervene, and Nourish and I had spent the day considering not answering the prompt.

My telephone rang and I answered while riding it was a friend on the line requesting prayer. As I intently listened to her family’s needs and her plea for agreement in prayer listening for the words to come to me. I heard Matthew 18:19 so that is where we started from she read the verse then the flow began.

While praying I heard these words proceed out of my mouth at the end,” Father let the hearts of the Mother and Aunties be changed into Your loving will as they learn deliberate ways to love their teen, and change the teenagers heart to love others with a new kind of love. Lord Jesus Christ, we ask the Holy Spirit to intervene for these family members and nourish each other with and in love through You Lord Jesus Christ. Let each one learn how to love each other and handle their situations with maturity raising a teen. We thank You and praise You Father in Jesus Christ name and we thank You Holy Spirit for Your preparing the way. We ask her angel to be alert and minister love to that teenager and to keep her safe in Your constant care and minister to her every need in Lord Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.”

Rather surprised and delighted to hear those words I hurried home and got them on paper. As this was the best kind of inspired writing from the heavens on the fly…

 Three Word Wednesday


When I heard, when I heard His story.
It hurt all inside, brought tears to my eyes.
When I heard, heard Jesus story.
It hurt me inside. It made me cry, cry.

How He hung there on that tree,
In pain He shed the blood and the water to set us free.
Crying Out My God Oh My God! Why have you forsaken me!
Oh, that broke me, when I heard, it broke me! Yes it did.

When I heard, when I heard His story.
It hurt all inside, brought tears to my eyes.
When I heard, heard Jesus story.
It hurt me inside. It made me cry, cry.

On the cross His Soul left Him, His strength dried up.
So He poured out like water, All of Him poured out like water.
His heart melted like wax, His bones turned out of joint.
His tongue cleaveth to His jaws, He suffered….

When I heard, when I heard His story.
It hurt all inside, brought tears to my eyes.
When I heard, heard Jesus story.
It hurt me inside. It made me cry, cry.

Hanging there on that tree,
In Pain, He shed the blood and water, To win our victory,
Crying Out My God Oh My God! Why have you forsaken me!
Oh, that broke me, when I heard it broke me! Yes it did.

When I heard, when I heard His story.
It hurt all inside, brought tears to my eyes.
When I heard, heard Jesus story.
It hurt inside. It made me cry, cry.